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583 Adams Street
Holliston, MA 01746

I was feeling so lost with my OTTB and was even considering selling her. I did a full training board with Jill to get her tuned up, and .... Wow! Jill helped us discover some underlying medical issues and her training has been amazing. Today she is doing things I didn't think was possible six months ago. I can't believe the transformation and couldn't be happier. Jane M.
We have been with Jill Swift and October Farm since February of 2014. We were at a different barn for 11 years prior to that (5 of those years as boarders, not just as students). Both of our daughters ride our horse, both in Eventing as well as Dressage – including recognized competitions. As we have been showing for several years, and have been to many barns, we can say that we truly feel at home with Jill. Our horse receives the best care, with amazingly clean conditions, and lots of patience and compassion. Jill keeps a well organized and very clean barn. She also keeps the boarders well informed and has great communication skills – a must for us. And she is very good to our daughters. I would recommend this barn to anyone who wants a quality riding program, a clean and safe environment for their horse, and opportunities to grow and advance their riding and horsemanship skills. Jill is a skilled instructor and active exhibitor, who is more than willing to share her years and breadth of experience and knowledge with her students. Amy S.
We would highly recommend October Farm without reservation. Jill Swift offers exceptional training for the rider and for our horse. October Farm offers a friendly staff and clients. The great facility offers a variety of riding choices and is a perfect facility for our family. The trails and fields are stunning and have allowed some great memories. With the help of Jill Swift we are first time horse owners. Anyone who has been through the process of searching for the right horse knows it can be an exhaustive and frustrating experience. Jill, with her expertise and willingness to devote time to our needs, assisted us with finding the perfect safe first horse for our fourteen year old daughter.

Jill is an incredible trainer and our daughter has connected tremendously with her. Our daughter has excelled in her riding expertise since working with Jill. This year our daughter received first place in her division from Charles River Dressage Association. Jill and one of her horses (Winston) made this all possible. One of the things we love most about this farm is the familylike and welcoming atmosphere. Here, everyone feels like they are excelling no matter what level they are at, and feel like they are a part of something. What is different with October Farm is how Jill tries her hardest to provide expert individual care for rider and horse, teach correct riding effectively, and help their minds grow at the same time. She also helps everyone develop a knowledge of horsemanship and horse care. Jill has a way of getting concepts across to students that are very hard to grasp.

The farm manager Lydia is one of the hardest working and most caring people we have ever met. Lydia and Jill are of tremendous help to us since we are first time horse owners. We need a lot of assistance and they are always willing to assist us in any way possible. Rose B.

It is such a pleasure to be at October Farm! My boy is very content… and a happy horse = a happy mom! For most horse people, our horses and the barn are a place of tranquility and a way to forget about the other stuff in life for a few hours. Very few have been able to accomplish creating this atmosphere. October Farm is a pleasant place with a professional, no-pressure atmosphere. Your facility has a nice mix of competitive and pleasure riders. It’s comforting to know that I can ask a training/riding question, or for general help, and not be looked down upon because I am a pleasure rider. I am also grateful for your team of instructors! My daughter has been riding with Dale, as well as yourself, for a few months. I am very impressed with the level of growth in her confidence! Its hard to believe when we first came to you that she was apprehensive about trotting and cantering… now she is cantering AND jumping! You and Dale really know how to connect with the kids through your calm and patient manner. Thank you again for everything, I’m really going to miss this place when we move! Kim B., Boarder and Client

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